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Computer-generated 3D models can be displayed in the viewer's field of vision with the aid of a smartphone or special glasses. The computing work for AR applications is done by a simple computer or a smartphone.
AR applications offer great potential in the short term particularly in the areas of training and further education.




Users are fully immersed in a virtual world. They no longer perceive their external surroundings and move around entirely in the virtual reality, which they can influence through voice and gesture control and with which they interact in a 360-degree view.

Is a continuation of the idea of augmented reality with required hardware as head-mounted display (HMD). These have a large number of sensors and are connected to a computer which can also be integrated directly in the periphery. In MR applications, computer-generated content overlaps with reality.

"By augmenting our reality, we can make the process of digital transformation more efficient and powerful.

But users should take a little time to fully understand the potential offered by this technology and its various manifestations."

How to use the augmented reality in the real life?

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